Sägen Halley golden handpiece

2 595 kr

The Halley Handpiece is a captivating combination of the bold Halley Ring and an elegant bracelet, creating an enchanting hand accessory. Designed to fit all, it features an adjustable ring and chain that snugly fit your hand like a glove. This piece effortlessly elevates an everyday look and becomes a conversation starter at any event or party. Expertly crafted from polished steel, the surface is adorned with intricate grooves and ridges reminiscent of a comet’s rugged terrain. The blend of polished steel and textured surface creates a dynamic and hypnotic effect, evoking the swirling dust and ice particles trailing these cosmic wanderers.

16-19  cm
Material: 80% Recycled stainless steel
Condition:  New!


Professional experts reviewing every item.

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