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Our selection is hand picked, and we wish to give you, as a customer the best experience possible, where you won’t be disappointed in the condition of an item when you receive it!

We’re offer a very detailed description of the condition of every item, and would rather exaggerate, than see you disappointed!


We always take close-ups of any flaws on our products.

Our biggest selection is comprised of the conditions NEW, AA, A or AB.

This means that buying these products is like buying them from any other new or second hand store or web shop, but at a fraction of the regular cost of these luxurious brands. A smart choice, both environmentally and economically!

The products that are marked with the conditions B and C, still have a lot of life left to give, but maybe not as long as the others.


Information about the condition of an item can be found on the product page.



We use the following chart to determine the condition of our items:


NEW (New with tags) The product is brand new, and 99 percent of the time still has the original tags.


AA (Good as new) This means that the product may have been used once, or maybe not at all.

You can’t tell by looking at it that it’s been used.

The items with this mark doesn’t have the original tags and is included in one of the following product types: Pre-Loved, High-End, Vintage or Charity.

Read more about our product types under Our symbols/product types.


A (Good condition) The item has been used a few times, and by thoroughly looking at it, you can see that it’s been washed. The colors are not faded and no threads or pillings are visible.


AB (Good, used condition) The item has been used a few times and you can see traces of use, such as fading form the original color or a few pillings. Any flaws are described in the product description.


B (Used condition) The item is used and has possibly faded. There are obvious signs of use visible. Any flaws are usually described in the product description.


C (Has been fixed or missing a part) If we add a C to any of the above combinations of letters it means that the item has been fixed or is missing a piece, for example the shoulder strap of a bag, the rhinestone of a necklace etc. This is also described in the product description.


  • When you check out as a buyer, you agree to having read the product description carefully, and will not be able to file a complaint about a product which had a correct description of the flaws.


  • A Piece Lux washes/irons every item before photographing it. This doesn’t apply to the product types Luxury Outlet or New Piece. In some cases the items can be delivered without being washed if they are entirely fresh and have dry cleaning for example as the only washing option. Although, if they’re not fresh, they will have been dry cleaned before being photographed. 


  • A Piece Lux can’t guarantee that the pictures of the items is represented exactly since there are many factors that play a part in how a color is perceived. Some examples are lighting, shadows and screen settings. However, from now on, everything is photographed in a studio with the same lighting continuosly. There may be some items on the website that have been photographed in a different environment, where the lighting differs from picture to picture.


  • A Piece Lux reserves the right to assess the condition of all our products according to the chart above. If we’ve missed anything obvious or marked anything wrongly, you can contact us to file a complaint.


  • The size of the item is stated on the product page. This is taken directly from the item and differs depending on brand, country of origin etc. For example IT40. We will also state the size according to us, this is an estimate we get by comparing it to an item from H&M, as well as measuring it, these sizes originate in the Swedish sizes 32/XXS - 44/XXL. You, as a buyer, accept the responsibility of reading the given measurements, as well as checking the manufacturer’s sizing guide.