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1. Can I make changes to my order?

We can not make any changes to your order. We try to help the best we can, and if you wish to add something to your order, place a new one, and then we’ll try to ship them together. Contact us to receive a possible discount code for shipping costs if the total value of your orders exceeds the free shipping limit for your country. Send your email to order@apiecelux.se.

If you wish to remove a product after you've placed your order, the easiest way to do this is to return it when you receive your package. Follow the instructions under Exchanges, Returns & Complaints.


2. Can I cancel my order?

We will manage your order as soon as we receive it, for the quickest possible delivery. This means it will be packed immediately. If you no longer wish to keep these items, you can always return them to us when you receive your package.


3. How do I return a product?

The instructions for returning a product can be found under Exchanges, Returns & Complaints.


4. How can I see if my order has been shipped?

You will receive an email as soon as we’ve packed your package. You can use the tracking number in the email to track your package through PostNord’s website or app. The app is very user-friendly and simple to use, and we recommend it.


5. Are all of your products authentic?

YES, everything sold in our webshop are authentic brands and have been inspected by us or authorized resellers before being posted for sale. Read mor about our authenticity policy.


6. Is it possible to try on/see your products anywhere?

Yes, If you become one of our VIP-members, you can book our showroom for a private shopping experience!


7. Is it possible to pick up your order from your showroom instead of having it delivered?

Yes, if you’re granted a VIP-membership, you’ll get the possibility to pick up your order at our showroom, during specific hours. To do this you have to choose the option during the checkout process. Note! This function won’t be available until our showroom is opened.


8. When does your showroom open?

Right now we’re busy filling the shop with products every day, these products will also be shown in our showroom. We’re finishing up our renovation and decoration process at the same time, and hope to be able to open our showroom sometime during the summer of 2016.


9. How do you determine the sizes of your products?

We indicate the sizes according to us, by comparing it to a standard, Swedish item from H&M, as well as measure most of our items with a measuring tape. You can find more information about this in our Measurment/Size guide.


10. What condition is the product in?

We determine the condition of all our items based on a lettering system on the product page. We also describe any flaws in the product description. You can find more information about this under Item Condition.


11. Do you offer discounts on your products?

We strive to give you the lowest possible prices from the start, since it’s a part of our concept. Sometimes we’ll have special offers or discounts, when we do, you’ll mostly find them on Facebook or Instagram. Occasionally we also send different discount codes to our members.

You can also have a look at our Sale to find incredible bargains!

Another way to finance your purchase is to find something you already have, but no longer need, that you think we’ll want to buy. We can then offer a trade, where we buy your pre-loved items, and credit the money to your account, so that you can use it to buy something new. Our store will become a sort of trade-store.