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How can we help?


Everything we sell in our Charity shop has been donated by kind individuals who want to make a difference!

We gratefully accept anything you would like to donate, that is clean and whole.

We will donate all of our earnings to different charities.

At the moment we donate our earnings to two different organisations, these are Barncancerfonden (The Swedish children’s cancer society) and the World Wildlife Foundation, WWF.

Read more about these organizations, and see how much we’ve donated so far under the category OUR FRIENDS in the footer of our website.


We select everything that has been donated, to pick the items that are suited for our web shop.

If it’s not published in our Charity shop it will be a part of different packages that we collect, and then donate to families in need through the organisation Giving People.


More info will be posted under Our Friends as more collaborations are initiated.


We will also give some of your donations to Erikshjälpen, a Swedish organisation that also donate their earnings to people in need across the world.

So if you already have an appointment with us, why not bring something to donate?

You get rid of your old things, and can sleep soundly, knowing that you’ve helped someone in need. Of course, the better the things you donate, the more money gets donated to our friends. We will post all of the donated items to our Charity shop, regardless of the brand. The organisation behind our Charity shop is called &Charity and is registered in Sweden under the organization number: (Under creation)


If you’re interested in donating items to our charity shop, send us an email at info@apiecelux.se, or a PM to our Facebook Profile. Include some information about the items you would like to donate, and we’ll get in touch!