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At the moment we’re looking for children’s clothes from Mini Rodini in good condition, as well as accessories and bags from luxurious brands for women!


Do you want to sell us your luxury items?


We regularly buy different products from different suppliers, most of them are the same.

These suppliers appreciate the chance of selling a lot of their stock to the same buyer.

We like to have a long-term relation to our suppliers, to create a win-win situation for both parties.

We usually buy from the same suppliers, where we’ve inspected the merchandise and know it’s in good condition, and authentic. 


A lot of times we’ll get the priority to buy the merchandise these suppliers are selling, which leads to getting a lot of exclusive items for our web shop. This creates a high competition with the various platforms where individuals can sell their luxury items, since we can usually offer very low prices, comparatively.

As a supplier, you might buy items from our store as well, and if this is the case, you can sell items to us when you find something you want to buy, reducing the cost of the item you want to buy. We want to benefit our customers, which means we will give our customers the advantage of selling their items to us, creating a win-win situation, and resulting in a trade-store of sorts.

If you choose to get the money for your item credited to your account on our website, instead of in cash, we will pay you slightly more.

We will also prioritize the customers who want to get the money credited to their account, over those who want to get the money in cash.

As a supplier you won’t have deal with advertising on different platforms across the web, or the hassles it brings, such as buyers not showing up, complain, or back out of the deal. 

You will get rid of bigger portions, and get the possibility to sell things that normally would’ve been hard to sell on platforms such as Tradera.


The amount of money you receive for your product will often be the same as you would’ve received by selling your items one by one through a platform, only to end up selling part of them, not all.

You don't have to pack or send your items.

Last, but not least, you’ll save time. Time is money!

So even if we don’t pay you the exact amount you could’ve gotten by selling your items yourself, the total is a good deal, according to our current, exclusive suppliers!


Would you like to become one of our exclusive suppliers? Follow these steps:


Send us an email at info@apiecelux.se, or a PM to our Facebook profile.

Include pictures of the items you would like to sell, and an estimate of the aunt you would like for them. Take pictures of receipts if you have any, and take close-ups of the brand. Also include whether or not you would like to have the money credited to your account, or be paid in cash. WE estimate the value differently depending on the way you would like to receive payment.

If you live close by, you can set up a meeting with us to show us your items live in our showrom. In some cases we can also come to you, if you have a lot of products.

If we come to an agreement we would like to see the items live before we pay you. This applies especially to new suppliers and more expensive items. This means you have to be willing to send us your items if you live far away, and then receive payment after we have inspected it. Naturally, we will send you a written contract of this before hand.

If you represent a company or a designer, and would like to sell us your products, pictures aren’t necessary. Just send us a short email or PM trough Facebook contains information about the brand/brands it’s regarding and your contact information, and we will get back to you.