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Terms and conditions of membership

We’re excited that you want to become a member with us at A Piece Lux!

A membership with us means you get the opportunity to purchase exclusive products that have been hand-picked for our webshop. 

You will also be able to save these products in your own, personal wish list, to buy later.*

The products in our shop are very favorably priced! They won’t be available for purchase until after you become a member and agree to the therms and conditions of becoming a member. You can't see any products or make a purchase before you have become a member, but you can read through all our terms in the bottom list.

You will be reminded of this during the checkout process.

*Take note that the products in your wish list or cart are NOT reserved. 

When you visit A Piece Lux you should be aware that we gather information about all the visits on our website. We then use this information to give you the best possible customer experience!

The gathering of information occurs within the regulations of the current Swedish Law.

A Piece Lux will automatically detect your IP-adress and data when you switch between different places and services on the website.

If you become a member and log on to your user account, or sign up for our newsletter, we will register this as well, to make it easier for you the next time you visit our shop.

A Piece Lux gather information about users and their visits in two ways:

  • By using cookies
  • Through willingly submitted information by the user (for example by signing up for our newsletter our registering to become a member).


What is a cookie?

Cookies will be stored on your computer when you visit A Piece Lux. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your web browser so that it can recognize it the next time you visit our shop. No personal information is stored in the cookies. Almost every website today uses cookies. They are stored on the hard drive on your computer to help you, which also contributes to analyzing your use of the website so that the user experience can be improved.

How do I avoid cookies?

If you don’t want to store any cookies, you can either block all cookies from your computer, erase any current cookies, or change your settings so that you receive a warning before a cookie is stored.

We recommend that you read our cookie policy carefully, and that you visit other websites to find out more about cookies, before possibly changing the settings for cookies on your computer.

If you do end up changing the settings for cookies on your computer, your user experience may decrease when you visit our, and other’s, websites. 

Keep in mind that if you don’t accept the use of cookies, there may be functions on apiecelux.se that won’t be available for you to use. A Piece Lux also cooperates with companies to improve our online marketing. We use suppliers such as Google and Facebook for this.

A Piece Lux contains components from a third party, such as Facebook ”like”, Instagram ”Follow” and Pinterest ”Follow”. The use of these third party components grants them access and allows them to collect technical information about your web browser, IP-adress, what places you visit at A Piece Lux, and more. The treatment conducted by the third party regarding this information is beyond our control, and is between you and the owner of the third party component.

A Piece Lux uses these components to link you directly to our social media websites, and thereby guaranteeing easy navigation four you as a customer.

Personal information

Use of personal information

Your personal information will never be mentioned to a third party, unless you have explicitly agreed to it, and we will never collect information about you that you have not provided yourself, by placing an order, becoming a member, taken part in a survey or similar actions. The information we gather includes, but is not limited to, your name, adress, zip code, phone number and email adress.

Personal information is only used for fulfilling the purpose of which it was gathered. 

Contact regarding personal information

If you want access to the personal data gathered about you, you’re more than welcome to contact us at info@apiecelux.se. You always hold the right to have us remove any personal information about you, but keep in mind that this will also result in the end of your membership.

Protection of personal information 

Swedish Law requires your personal information to be stored in a secure and confidential manner. Your personal information will be treated securely according to the Swedish Data Inspection’s general advice on how to securely administer Personal Data. We store your personal information on servers with very high security measures, which are placed in controlled facilities. The security of these servers and facilities is inspected regularly to make sure that the information is treated securely, always keeping your legal rights as a user our top priority. We can’t guarantee a 100% security for data transfers over the internet, since certain things are beyond our control. This means that there is a slight risk that an unapproved party will gain access to your personal information when it is transmitted and stored electronically. Thereby you send your information at your own risk.

Personal information is deleted when the purpose of which it was gathered is no longer applicable.

Laws and courts

Your use of this website, every purchase from the webshop and these terms and conditions are regulated by Swedish Law and is regarded to have taken place in Sweden. You agree to, as do we, to follow the non exclusive jurisdiktion of the Swedish courts. 

These regulations don’t affect your legal rights.


You are not permitted to use any logo, picture or photograph form this website. The design of this website belongs to A Piece Lux (Lantliv & Lyx Sweden AB).

Unauthorized copying of any material presented on the website is strictly prohibited, without written permission. 

Agreement with you as a customer

When you place an order to buy a product from A Piece Lux’s website we will send you an email confirmation. This mail confirms that we have received your order and contains all the information regarding the order. Your order constitutes an urging to us that you wish to buy a certain item. The purchase will be approved by us when we send the product to you, and you receive a confirmation by email that the product has been shipped (all orders are shipped by mail). Your order is fully processed and confirmed when you receive an email containing information that the order has been shipped and a tracking number of the shipment. When you place an order, you request to enter into an agreement with Lantliv & Lyx Sweden AB. Please observe and keep in mind that a product is not reserved because you have added it to your cart. It is yours when the terms above have been fulfilled accordingly, when you have payed for it and we’ve sent you an email containing an order summary and shipment tracking number. According to the above information, it could happen that a product you have ordered, and payed for, can be sold out. In this case we will transfer the money back to you in the same way you payed for the product within 7 days from when the money was withdrawn from your account.

We strive to express ourselves correctly and flawlessly on our website, but there is a human factor in play, which means mistakes may occur. Examples of this includes, but is not limited to, misprints, un-precise formulations, lack of product descriptions, prices and product availability. We reserve the right to correct errors, mistakes and omissions, and change or update the information on the website without notice. The price of your purchased items and order needs to be approved by us as part of our approvement procedure. If you’ve ordered an item that is wrongly priced, we reserve the right to cancel your order before it is approved, you will then be informed of this. 

It is also your responsibility to read our policies regarding Item Condition, Shipping, Exchanges, Returns & Complaints, as well as our Measurement & Sizing guide.

Your behavior/misuse/revoking of membership

You are not permitted to use this website in a manner that could lead to interruptions, damage, or deterioration of the website, or restricted access to the website.

You are not permitted to use the website:

  • For any criminal activities or unauthorized activity, including fraud.
  • To send, or use materials that can be considered unauthorized, offensive, obnoxious or threatening.
  • To send materials, or express yourself if it infringes copyrights, trademarked brands, confidential information, political statements, or any kind of statements that can generate discomfort, inconvenience or unnecessary worry.

If we consider your behavior to correspond with the above prohibitions, we reserve the right to, at any point, and without notice, revoke your membership and thereby remove your ability to purchase items from our webshop.

Statements expressed by members on third party websites, such as Facebook or Instagram, that correspond to the above prohibitions, can also lead to the revoking of your membership.

Ending your membership

You can end your membership by choice any time by sending an email to info@apiecelux.se. Send the email from the same adress as your log-in email.

The company

apiecelux.se is administered and maintained by Lantliv & Lys Sweden AB. The company is registered in Sweden with the organisation number 5569827644. The company’s tax registration number is SE556982764401. Lantliv & Lyx Sweden AB holds the access to the website apiecelux.se. We sell our products to you according to the terms and conditions stated on this page.

Read the terms and conditions carefully before you use the website. Most of our conditions are listed in the footer on the bottom of our page under different headers, such as, Item Condition, Shipping, Exchanges, Returns & Complaints, as well as our Measurement & Sizing guide and more. By using this website you agree to these terms and conditions in its entirety.

® A Piece Lux is trademarked.

Events beyond our control

Lantliv & Lyx Sweden AB can not be held responsible for delays or lack of fulfillment of our commitments a cording to these terms and conditions, if the delay or lack of fulfillment is caused by events that are beyond our control. These terms and conditions do not affect your legal rights. Examples of events that are beyond our control includes, but are not limited to, delays in the postal services, sudden, serious illness, or Force Majeure, this among other things include natural disasters, war, fire, sabotage or accident of a greater extent. If the company needs to, for any reasons, discontinue our operations, our customers will be given the opportunity to select products for the remaining balance in their user accounts, for a limited amount of time.