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A goal without a plan is just a wish!

Apiecelux.se is a web shop in a branch that is predicted to grow big.

Circular economy in focus.

There is a lot of talk regarding circular economy at the moment on different platforms. What can we do to create business models that are more resource efficient?

It’s only a matter of time before out natural recourses run out, and second hand shopping leads to considerably lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Only Blocket is responsible for lowering the emissions of carbon dioxide by 0,8 million tons. The same amount that is emitted by the cars in Stockholm in one year.

Sources: Handelstrender.se, Svenska miljöinstitutet och Tillväxtverket.

A Piece Lux’s vision is to create a website for selected second hand, vintage and outlet pieces. We want to offer a website and a showroom where you can get a personal buying experience in a nice environment, with incredible prices on new, or almost new, items. We want the shopping experience to be luxurious, all while benefiting our environment considerably.


A Piece Lux wants to offer you, as a customer, a place to buy second hand, where the selection is hand picked and well-sorted. We want you to be able to shop in a safe environment with every guarantee of authenticity and correct descriptions of item conditions. All the items are owned by us and sent from our storage facility. One business partner, one package to your door, fully guaranteed! We hope to be able to attract customers who normally wouldn’t buy second hand online, because of all the risks and insecurities associated with buying from different individuals online. Because of the fact that we hand pick the items we sell very carefully, we hope to be able to offer a more thought-through and luxurious selection than stores where the selection is controlled by the people who sell their pieces.

We also want to attract you who are always on the look-out for a good bargain online. To invite you to shop from our website, and discover all the benefits you get from being a regular customer with us!

STORY Everyone has a story!

Jenny had driven a successful company for 15 years, where she sold sport horses for showjumping all around the world. The concept behind A Piece Lux was born in the spring of 2014, when the company founder, Jenny Lehmann, had finished a career and was about to choose a new course.

Jenny’s first child was born in 2008, and she then had two more in quick succession. Because of this, it felt like the natural choice to successively decrease the horse business, since it was hard to combine with the family life. 

Jenny's words:

I took a break from working in the spring of 2014, and started going through all the boxes of clothes and items I’d collected during 20 years of shopping.

I had no idea what to do with everything, and thought it was too nice to throw away. A friend told me about a group on Facebook that had been started with the intention to invite people to sell nicer items to each other, it was simple and without charge.

I tried it with a few items, and sold them all.

By being a part of these groups and platforms, I realized what an enormous amount of interest existed for second hand, luxury brand items and bargains in general. A lot of buyers were very enthusiastic and even fought each other over who got to buy certain attractive items. Although, I also saw people's worry of authenticity and problems with fraud, since some buyers never received their items, or damaged items.

At this time there were a lot of discussions about circular economy, and environmental thinking, especially in retail. At first, it was about trends, but nowadays, I would say it’s essential to have an environmental aspect to your business, to survive in retail, since more and more buyers consciously choose where to buy with this in mind.

I have also noticed peoples constant searching for treasures, and have gathered inspiration from the luxurious outlet villages abroad when I acquired our outlet selection.

With that, A Piece Lux website and showroom was created! One shop, one seller, fully guaranteed, but with the same bargains you can find from individuals online, or from luxurious outlet villages abroad! All of this in a smaller, personal shopping experience on the country side!

Luxury for you! Luxury for the environment! Luxury for your wallet!


I hope you’ll appreciate the concept!

Jenny Lehmann, founder and CEO